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With enough dresses to fill a stadium 

Only worn once or not worn at all

And, a huge credit card debt

I knew I needed to do something

So, I set about selling almost every dress I owned  

6 months later, I had a much slimmer wardrobe

AND I still wanted to buy every beautiful dress I laid my eyes on BUT I only wanted to wear it once

I thought there must be a better way – a way for me to wear every dress without it keeping me up at night

So, Never Twice was born

 Much Love,

The Fashionable Minimalist x x  



Once upon a time, there was a girl who was deep in debt.

She had a huge wardrobe full of dresses only worn once and some even with tags!

One day she decided to move house, but all her dresses wouldn’t fit into her new wardrobe.

She thought to herself “there must be a better way”.  Never Twice was born.

She sold her dresses, paid off her credit card debt, reduced the size of her wardrobe, and still wears all the latest.

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