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What does it mean to live ‘sustainably’?

Like the rest of Australia, the devastating bushfires have been on our minds here at Never Twice.

While recent rain has provided some much-needed relief, the experts are saying that we’re not yet out of danger and our hearts go out to the victims who now need to face the enormity of rebuilding their lives. We’re incredibly sad for the animal and plant life so decimated too, which in some places will take decades to recover.

And we’re also thinking seriously about our responsibility to current and future generations to care for the environment.

Globally, stewardship of our environment is probably one of the greatest challenges of our time. Take a look at the short films produced by the Conservation Institute made, voiced by Julie Roberts, Harrison Ford and some of Hollywood's biggest names, aiming to give nature a voice. These are a beautiful and powerful reminder that we need to take meaningful action. Now.

Be the change you want to see

While the governments at all levels, and industry, must lead the way on climate change policy, the good news is that we all, as individuals can also make simple changes to the way we live, to minimise our own environmental impact and take better care of our planet.

The problem is that when most of us think of living sustainably, while it conjures up lovely images of rural life in a cute wooden cottage, freshly laid eggs, home baked bread and vegetables harvested from the garden, these days that’s an expensive, but delightful dream.

With that said, those of us living in cities can empower ourselves too – whether we’re entrepreneurs, baristas, digital nomads, students, or working the nine-to-five. Not only do we have an imperative and a responsibility to do our part, we have the opportunity to get creative!  

While we might not be able to have a veggie patch, we can grow our own herbs, and fill our decks and balconies with greenery. We can recycle as much as we can, use our own re-usable take-away coffee cups, get all our bills online and pay them the same way. Most important, though, is that we make conscious choices as we go about our daily lives.  

Consumers have a great deal of power to instigate change.  

For business owners, including us, building an earth-friendly enterprise means including sustainability into as many aspects of our commercial activities as possible.  

The fashion and cosmetics industries have long been under the microscope for waste and poor treatment of workers, as well as animal testing. In the 1990s Nike came under fire for using sweatshops to produce its footwear and clothing and were heavily criticised for it too. Over time, social pressure has impacted the company to make significant changes to its supply chain. Other brands indulging in ‘unethical’ business practices have also followed suit.

Consumers, for a long time, were not fully aware of some of these things going on behind the scenes. Many of us were simply content to snap up the latest and greatest from our favourite brands. But thanks to the internet we’re now living in the information age, and while it might feel like everything is up for potential scrutiny, that’s a good thing.

Because scrutiny keeps businesses and organisations transparent and accountable, and then we can all make wiser decisions about the products we buy and the services we use.  

Because, just as important as how you spend your money is where you spend it.

Make a choice in favour of Mother Nature

Our business was founded on the premise that we all want to look our best, because when we look good we feel good too. And, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that our business model doesn’t contribute to waste in the industry.

Did you know that Macy’s, one of the biggest and most successful department stores in the USA, is now offering a subscription rental service for high end brands? It’s also offering a ‘re-sale’ service on some items. Both strategies are in line with customer expectations of ‘sustainable fashion,’ and were launched at the end of last year.

We knew we were onto something!

So, take your time and browse our selection. We have a gorgeous range of accessories too, all which mean you can look good, without the big price tag, and without clogging up your wardrobe with garments you’ll never wear twice.

The best bit is that you can also feel good about the fact you’ve made a positive choice on behalf of Mother Nature.
February 29, 2020 by Never Twice

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