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Five Lip Balms we Love

There are so many things we love about the cooler weather – Netflix sessions with a warm blanket and cup of tea comes to mind - but chapped lips definitely isn’t one of them. As well as being annoying, and sometimes even painful, chapped lips can really impact on the application and staying power of your lipstick when it comes time to go out.

To help you lovely ladies combat this, here’s a list of our five favourite lip moisturisers (in no particular order) to get you through the upcoming cooler season in Australia.

  1. Redwin Coconut Balm ($4.99 for 25 mL; available from most pharmacies)

Containing 100% organic coconut oil, papaya extract and jojoba oil, this one is a multitasking wonder at a drugstore price. Free from mineral oils, parabens and sulfate, and 100% vegan to boot, Redwin Coconut Balm is a soothing and hydrating cream that actually helps to heal dry, cracked lips. To make it even better, this lip balm can also be used on very dry skin (including cuticles), insect bites, burns and small cuts to help relieve pain and itching. A great one to keep in your pocket or handbag for on-the-go moisturising.

  1. Luk Lip Nourish ($24.95 for 3 g; available from Luk Beautifood and selected stockists)

The perfect compromise between a lip balm and a lipstick, these 100% non-toxic sticks are actually made from food ingredients! They contain nourishing oils such as avocado and sesame, and beeswax to moisturise and protect lips, as well as ginger and other cold-pressed plant oils that help to relieve the inflammation and pain that is associated with cracked lips. To make these Australian-made beauties even better, they each have a soft, sheer nude colour to tint your lips just enough for those days when you want to wear minimal makeup - there's even a colour free version that can be worn overnight, or when you want that no-makeup look. There are often multi-packs on sale on the site if you want to grab a few different colours; they also offer a tasting plate that allows you to sample eight different colours before deciding on which full-size product you like the best. If you need yet another reason to try this favourite of ours, they come in eco-friendly packaging - instead of a box, they come wrapped in a beautiful cloth that works wonders for cleaning glasses and phone screens!

  1. Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment ($16.99 for 12.5 g; available from Priceline and Mecca Cosmetica)

Made for super dry lips, this rich and creamy lip treatment contains ultra-pure whipped natural lanolin to heal and protect very dry lips. It has a creamy texture and a small amount of shimmer, making it perfect for when you need something super nourishing yet pretty, as it gives your lips a healthy natural sheen. As a bonus, this lip treatment also contains organic lemon oil, which helps to exfoliate the lips and remove dead skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Lanolips Lemonaid is free from artificial fragrances and mineral oil, and is also great to use as a heavy duty leave-on overnight lip treatment.

  1. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm ($19.95 for 15 mL from Adore Beauty)

Although this one might seem like it's a bit on the pricey side, this lip balm is amazing, and lasts ages! Packed full of natural ingredients, including honey, beeswax and olive oil - in fact, about 80% natural ingredients- Nuxe Rêve de Miel is one powerful lip moisturiser. It works to heal and soothe painful cracked lips, making them soft and supple once more. With a gentle grapefruit fragrance, it's noncomedogenic and paraben free, and is even safe for children from 3 months. Because this lip balm has a fairly matte finish, it's also suitable for the man in your life, as well as for using as a lip prep product before you apply your lipstick (just make sure not to apply too much!). This one is definitely a favourite for the Never Twice team!

  1. Hurraw! Lip Balms ($6.45 for 4.3 g; available from Nourished Life)

Raw, vegan, and coming in a huge range of flavours, these organic lip balms are a huge favourite in the Never Twice office! Packed full of natural ingredients such as almond and argan oils and cocoa butter, these lip balms are moisturising and soothing, without feeling too sticky or waxy - a winning combination for these cool and windy months ahead of us. Hurraw! lip balms are available in such mouthwatering flavours as Black Cherry, Chai Spice and Chocolate (as well as a huge range of others), and are available in both tinted and non-tinted varieties. They also offer a Moon lip balm- with a thicker and more long-lasting formula, and a vanilla scent to help you relax- and a Sun lip balm with SPF 15, an essential even in winter in Australia.

What are your favourite lip balms for the cooler months? Let us know in the comments below!


May 22, 2017 by Never Twice

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